Friday, January 30, 2009

Last Friday in January!

Today we headed over to Aunt Kiki's house for a play date. We hadn't been over there since before Christmas! So the kids had fun playing together with all the new toys! Especially with the new Elmo Kitchen! We made grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch and later we made some homemade oatmeal cookies with lots of yummy cinnamon! The kids loved them (and the mommies too)! The kids were worn out by the end of the day. Luke took a nice nap and Elle took a nap in the car on the way home.

I had 2 sales in my Etsy store today! I was also featured in a blog about pinks and dots! Check it out:

She featured my child's apron! I am hoping it will sell before the new CPSIA law goes into place on 2-10-09!

Tonight I hope to able to run out to get some more ribbon for my shop!

I just want to add a quick but very sincere Congratulations to Rob Oakley for getting a new job at Illinois State University! He will be in the IT department! I know he is happy to be out of the factory he was working for (also in the IT dept) But he learned a lot there and can be thankful for that! Good Luck and many happy years at your new awesome job! Congrats Rob! :)

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Lukesmommy25 said...

Thanks Melissa for the congrats on Rob's new job. I know he is so excited for it! Good job on your posts! I am so excited you can keep selling your dresses too!